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Ties in Nahual RPG

I started to work on the Ties, which are the equivalent to Hx from Apocalypse World.

The first difficulty is that the Stats in AW have a value from -3 to +3, unlike the Attributes in Nahual which go from 0 to 3 (this is the number of d6’s that you’ll add to your dice pool). Because of its particular nature, I have decided that Ties will be the only Attributes that can have a negative value. This means that if your Tie to someone is negative it will subtracts d6’s from your dice pool. But what if the final dice pool is -1d6? I guess the minimum should be 1d6. I’ll playtest them this weekend with my Aplha Playtest group and see how they behave.

In the meantime, I share with you thte descriptive paragraph for The Basics section, from the Book I (this section will be the second deliver of the month in Patreon).

Ties represent relationships between the characters. It’s a value that determines how much they know each other. It doesn’t says if they get along well, nor how long they know each other or if they have a good or bad relationship. It simply represents that you know that person, her reactions and behavior. Your Tie with other character, written in your character sheet, indicates how much you know her, the one written on her sheet indicates how much she knows you. This relationship is asymmetrical. You can have a Tie +2 towards that character, and that same character can have a Tie 0 towards you. This means you know him better than she does you.

Starting the Patreon campaign


Well, we are starting a Patreon camapign, wich is kind of a crowd funding similar to Kickstarter, but in small peaces. The idea of Patreon is that people will patron creators with a small amount each time they publish their creations. Is the 21st century patronage.

Edgar Clément has decided to join the project. He’s gonna be making original illustrations for the game. Also he will collaborate as adviser for the setting. I’m gonna be doing the texts, adapting Clément’s universe to the role-playing game, and creating the mechanics, based mostly in the indie RPG Apocalypse World from game designer D. Vincent Baker.

We’ll be both generating content to publish every fifteen days or every month. This way if you decide to support us with $1 usd per chapter or illustration, you’ll be giving this noble cause about $1 to $4 usd a month! Now if you want to be generous and support us with $2 or $3 usd per chapter or illustration, you’ll make us really happy.

The idea of this is to be able to stop worrying about the bills to focus in doing creative stuff. And the more support we get, the more time we spend in creating stuff. So we invite you to participate with a little amount (or wuth a big one). With the button below you can go to the Patreon site to join us as patrons. Thanks a lot!