The Hard

Nobody messes with the Hard. He’s explosive and never fucks around. Always strikes first and asks questions later. The Hard is a killing machine, and when things get ugly, you better want him on your side. But you gotta be careful, because he’s a stubborn bastard, tetchy and quick to violence.

The Shield

When you know that someone watches your back, life is easier. The Shield will always be there to save your ass. He’s a defender who puts the safety of others before his own, always looking after the weak. But hey, be careful about going bully in his presence, because then you’ll know what it is to love God in the land of the Indians.

The Opportunist

Watch out for the Opportunist! You better keep an eye on him, because he never lets go the slightest change to take advantage, seeking only his self-interest. Sometimes he’s a team player, but if something turns out against his convenience, he will flinch. The Opportunist doesn’t like direct confrontation unless he’s got the upper hand. Remember: el que agandalla no batalla!

The Seducer

There’s something about the Seducer. Before you know it, you’ll be doing anything for him. He has quite a silver-tongue and his presence is pretty hard to ignore. The Seducer hates to get his hands dirty and whenever possible he avoids direct confrontation, making someone else do the job for him. His art is having other people do what he wants, while they think is their idea.

The Nerd

If you got a question, ask the Nerd. That smart-ass is a walking library. Also, with all those gadgets and techie stuff he can be useful. Hacking and manipulating electronics are his specialty. But not only that; the Nerd also knows one or two interesting things about angels, demons and nahuales. How does he know so much? Hell if I know! Go and ask a Nerd.

The Leader

Being the Leader ain’t no easy job. Many believe that is just a matter of barking orders and slacking around, your thumb up your ass. But no! A true Leader knows how to organize and inspire people, comes up with strategies and carries over his shoulders the responsibility of getting the job done. Maybe that’s why the Leader also knows how to impose his will, so things are done the way he wants. Here nomás sus chicharrones truenan!

The Sneaky

You can never know what the Sneaky is planning. He is a quiet fellow and doesn’t like attention. Cold and calculating, he always waits for the right moment to act, knowing that patience is his best weapon.

If the Sneaky wants to fuck you, it will be already too late when you find out. So handle him with kid gloves. If you wrong him, you’ll never know when payback is coming.

The Tumbler

Warning! Seeing the Tumbler in action can cause nausea and headaches. He is a quick and pretty elusive acrobat. An authentic chapulín. His hand skills and excellent coordination make him prefer finesse over brute force. However, as much as he’s skillful he’s also a clown. The Tumbler loves to show off, and that often gets him in trouble.

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