Hi, I’m Miguel Angel Espinoza, and I’ll be managing the Patreon site for this project. Edgar Clément and I are very excited to start this adventure, and we want to ask for your support. He will be participating as general adviser, setting consultant and of course illustrator. I will be developing the rules and mechanics, writing the content, doing some illustrations and adapting his world and view to this exciting role-playing game.


What’s this game about?

Nahualli* is a Mexican role-playing game set on the universe created by the comic book artist Edgar Clément, started in the graphic novel Operación Bolivar.

“When our Spanish ancestors first arrived to this continent they were not alone, with them came their gods and their armies of angels. For our Indian ancestors angels were not the incense sellers of today, they were the harbingers of destruction. Between the sword of Cortés and St. Michael the Archangel’s there was no difference, and neither made a clean cut to the roots. The brujos resisted. Nahuales, the most powerful shamans, took on the task of fighting the invading angels.”
—Edgar Clément. Operación Bolívar


Players are angel hunters, descendants from the powerful brujos nahuales. They have the dormant gifts that allow them to touch the gods and their harbingers, but their memory is lost, impoverishing the greatness of these wonders. Sometimes they don’t even know such gifts exist, let alone the scale of these powers.
Many just struggle for survival, other look for answers, they all agree in one thing: a nahual lives to hunt down angels.

The Universe created by Clément is electrifying, set as a reflection of contemporary Mexico and charged with folklore and myths both pre-Columbian and Christian, thus forming a faithful allegory of what is Mexico, a mixture of cultures and traditions.

Nahual Apocalypse!


This role-playing game stands on the shoulders of two giants. One is the aforementioned Edgar Clément, the other is the game designer D. Vincent Baker, creator of the acclaimed role-playing game Apocalypse World. That’s right, Nahualli is Powered by the Apocalypse. The main mechanics from wich it feeds are the Moves, the core of Apocalypse World. It also profits from the game style and the agendas of the Master of Ceremonies, focusing on a narrative gameplay. The main difference is that Nahualli uses d6 dice pools, determined by the sum of two Attributes. That among other things try to take a look from another perspective to the excellent system created by Baker, while trying always to capture the essence of AW and that gameplay that fascinates me so much.

Why Patreon instead of Kickstarter?


One of the reasons is because we live in Mexico, and Kickstarter doesn’t work here yet. And even if there is also Indiegogo, the truth is that the main reason is another one: we’ll be releasing the Nahualli role-playing under the Creative Communs license. Both Clément and Baker are very generous with their creations, and I believe the vision they have is very similar: “Take my ideas and use them, change them, twist them. This makes them grow and thrive”. Not that they say it exactly like that, I’m putting words in their mouths, and I may be wrong in doing it. Clément I’m sure he thinks like that, we have talked about it, and that’s why he’s coming aboard this project. As for Baker, I’ve been following him on interviews and comments online, and I believe he thinks somehow likewise (I’ve been trying to reach him online, I’m still waiting for a reply). But in various interviews and talks I’ve seen on the internet, he mentions that he wants people to use his game, that’s why the Powered by the Apocalypse logo exists. So here we are. And since they’re so generous with their ideas, I’m thinking in follow their steps and put everything I write under Creative Commons, so that someone else may repeat this process. How honored I would feel about it!

Therefore we appeal to your generosity so we can devote as much time as possible to this effort. We have our jobs and we do some freelance stuff also. With your help, we hope to focus more of our time to this game, instead of worrying about paying our bills.


How does it work?

If you become a patron, we’ll be receiving from you $1 usd (or more if your generosity decides so) each time we post here one of the chapters of the book or one of the new original illustrations for the game. In general I’ll be posting on average 1 or 2 chapters per month, and Clément will be posting 1 or 2 illustrations. The chapters will vary in extension given the nature of the content, but the amount you contribute will be always the same. That’s right, sometimes chapters will be short but this will compensate with other longer chapters.

Here I present a sample index of the contents. This is an initial outline, and as with any creative process is subject to changes. But it will help you have a general idea of what will be posted as a whole (chapters are numbered in roman numerals).


I. Nahualli: the Angel Hunters
   1. Angelero
   2. Diablero
   3. Shaman
   4. The Nahual
II. How to use this book

BOOK I: The game system
I. The basics
   1. Setting up
   2. The conversation
   3. Moves and dice
   4. Attributes
   5. Behaviors
   6. Frustration pool
   7. Nahuality and Tonal
   8. Damage and wounds
   9. Ties
   10. Character progress
   11. The goal of the game
II. Basic moves
III. Special moves

BOOK II: Dramatis Personae
I. Trades
   1. Angelero
   2. Diablero
   3. Shaman
II. Concepts
   1. The tough
   2. The protector
   3. The opportunist
   4. The seducer
   5. The nerd
   6. The alpha
   7. The sneaky
   8. The tumbler
III. The Nahual
   1. The levels of Nahuality
   2. Nahual moves
   3. The faces of the Nahual
IV. Character creation

BOOK III: The Marakame, Master of Ceremonies
I. The Marakame: Master of Ceremonies
   1. Agenda
   2. Always say
   3. The principles
   4. Your moves
   5. Further advice
II. The first session
   1. Before the 1st session
   2. During the 1st session
   3. After the 1sy session
   4. 2nd session and subsequent
III. Preparations: the Fronts
   1. Creating fronts
   2. The threats
   3. Threats moves
   4. Example

BOOK IV: Rules of play
I. Moves snowball
II. Damage, wounds and healing
   1. Damage and wounds
   2. NPCs attack
   3. PC attack
   4. Healing
III. Improvements
   1. Prescriptive and descriptive
   2. Experience
   3. Conscience and self-control
   4. Character improvements
   5. Retiring your character
IV. Basic moves
   1. Basic moves
   2. Special moves
V. Character moves
   1. Trade moves
   2. Concept moves
   3. Nahual moves
VI. Equipment
   1. Tools
   2. Weapons
   3. Relics
   4. Angelic products
   5. Celestial items
   6. Infernal items

APPENDIX: Myth and folklore
I. De rerum natura
   1. The Chingueré drink
   2. Angel properties
   3. Angels and devils: the Fall
   4. The Nahual
II. Bestiarum vocabulum
   1. Angels
   2. Devils
   3. Other supernatural beings 

What do you get as a patron?

Patrons will get, first and foremost the satisfaction of helping this noble cause =) They also get exclusive acces to the chapters that I will be posting here, previous to the final open public release. The book will include a “Thank you” section with the names of all the patrons who supported it. Also, our intention is to generate a fully layout product with illustrations, to sell as a PDF (the price will be whatever people want to pay for it), and the patrons will get this PDF for free.



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